[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat: Add format context parameter to ff_id3v2_read_dict

Lukas Stabe lukas at stabe.de
Wed Sep 27 07:16:04 EEST 2017

> Kind of worried what happens if the ID3 information conflicts with the
> normal container information. As you know, libavformat accepts even mp4
> or mkv files with ID3v2 header.
> Do you think this is a potential issue?

I'm quite new to the ffmpeg source, but if I'm reading things correctly, with this patch
the format specific chapters would, depending on how the format sets the chapter ids,
override, be appended to or mix with the id3 chapters.

I would not expect to find non-mp3 files with id3 chapter tags in the wild, but this patch
would probably misbehave with those.

The proper solution here would probably be to parse the chapters into extra_meta in read_chapter
and create another function that parses that into the format context similar to how ff_id3v2_parse_apic
works. That's quite a bigger change than this one however, and requires touching a bunch of places
(everywhere ff_id3v2_read_dict and ff_id3v2_read are used), so I don't feel like I'm familiar enough with
ffmpeg to do that.

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