[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH]lavf/amr: Add amrnb and amrwb demuxers

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 21:09:35 EEST 2017

2017-09-27 19:46 GMT+02:00 Ronald S. Bultje <rsbultje at gmail.com>:

> @Carl Eugen: I've read the bug report.

Thank you; sorry that imo, this cannot help in this case;-(
The relevant issue is that live streams or truncated
amr files cannot be handled by the existing demuxer
although they work if the properties are forced with
the new demuxers.

The alternative is to allow forcing properties for the
existing demuxer, this has the disadvantage that it is
more difficult to use (and it would make hypothetical
auto-detection more messy).

> It's intruiging that the existing demuxer (as you mentioned,
> it expects a prefix) works with unicast but not
> multicast input.

I don't think this is correct (as in: "This is impossible") but
I may of course miss something ;-)

Carl Eugen

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