[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat/aac: Parse all ID3 tags present between ADTS frames

Richard Shaffer rshaffer at tunein.com
Tue Apr 3 00:25:16 EEST 2018

It seems like some software can insert an additional ID3v2 tag instead
of appending a frame to an existing one. One could argue that that is
somewhat broken, but I agree it's better to handle it instead of
returning an error. The changes in aacdec.c look ok to me.

The fate sample you provided has two tags at the beginning of the
file. These will actually get parsed by avformat_open_input calling
ff_id3v2_read_dict and not by the adts demuxer. The ff_id3v2_read_dict
code path will already parse multiple tags, which is why the test
passes. In order to exercise your code change, the ID3v2 tags would
have to be between ADTS frames.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:35 AM, Mattias Amnefelt <mattiasa at avm.se> wrote:
> This is a follow-up to https://patchwork.ffmpeg.org/patch/7477/ and changes
> so all ID3 tags between ADTS frames gets parsed, not just the first one.
> Sample media for the included fate test is available at
> http://mattias.amnefe.lt/tmp/id3v2_two_tags.aac
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