[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/opensrt: add Haivision Open SRT protocol

Michael Fritscher michael.fritscher at telematik-zentrum.de
Thu Apr 5 15:25:27 EEST 2018

Good day,

were the technical things (changes into standard network code) resolved in the mean time? I've the feeling that it is looking at the patch.

On https://github.com/Haivision/srt/pull/140, there is at least a PR to make a debian package for it.

I think the name is a minor problem which is solveable - this shouldn't be a blocker. What about "osrt" - adding the o for open? ;-)

Regarding the usage: Is there any other option with pure ffmpeg to stream videos over a lossy packet-based network (like the Internet) with 
UDP+fault tolerance without having the hassles of TCP, which is unusable for at least "real" live transmissions? A 1:1 solution would be enough.

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher

Am 22.03.2018 um 16:02 schrieb Nicolas George:
> Sven Dueking (2018-03-16):
>> Ping !?!?
> I think I am actually expected to reply.
> I think that by reviewing the patch I gave the impression that I was
> promising to accept the patch in FFmpeg. It was not so, and I apologize
> if it was taken that way. The original patch contained significant
> changes in the standard network code that made it much more complex, I
> wanted to avoid that, that is the reason I reviewed, it was purely
> technical. The decision to accept a patch in FFmpeg is not purely
> technical, it also involves balancing the cost of maintenance with the
> benefit for users.
> In this instance, the recent discussion on libav-dev seems to indicate
> that the API and ABI of this library could be not very stable, making
> the cost of maintenance relatively high, a fact that is worsened by the
> library not being integrated in major Linux distros. As for the benefit
> for users, are there public servers serving interesting content
> accessible with this protocol? Are there situations where this protocol
> would allow several instances of ffmpeg to communicate significantly
> better than other protocols? I am not aware of any.
> That, plus the poor choice of name (seriously, who dabs in multimedia
> and does not know that SRT has been a subtitle format for more than
> fifteen years? and there is the SRTP profile too) makes me doubtful
> about integrating this in FFmpeg.
> But it is not my choice only.
> Regards,
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