[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavc/amfenc: DXVA2 textures support implementation by AMF encoder

Song, Ruiling ruiling.song at intel.com
Thu Apr 19 05:18:12 EEST 2018

> Note that OpenCL <-> D3D11 won't work on AMD for normal video surfaces
> (NV12) because there is no support for multiple-plane textures, so it's only going
> to work with DXVA2 currently.  Intel has an extension
> ("cl_intel_d3d11_nv12_media_sharing") which adds a simple hack overloading
> the subresource index and therefore it is usable on Intel GPUs, but other vendors
> don't have that.

For OpenCL NV12 support, I think we can use two separate images as arguments,
one image for Y plane, and another image for UV plane.
I think AMD OpenCL should support (CL_RG + CL_UNORM_INT8), right?
So, we can get same behavior across different OpenCL vendors.

> (There should probably be a wiki page on all of this.  I've never got around to
> writing it.)
> Thanks,
> - Mark
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