[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg 3.5 / 4.0

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Apr 19 18:01:56 EEST 2018

James Almer (2018-04-19):
> It would have not been backwards compatible in such scenario to load at
> runtime an hypotetical 3.4.x lavf library with that change in an
> application that was built against 3.3.x or older. Regardless of 0 being
> defined as EOF or not in documentation, the behavior of one library
> would have not been the same as the other, at least as i said above,
> without the compat change you eventually committed.

I did not remember the compat code was added afterwards. Anyway, it
excludes packet callbacks on purpose.

The thing is, we could NOT fix the initial bug (EOF caused by empty UDP
packets, reported by an user). It just was not possible. Apart from
leaving the bug, there were two options to fix this:

- break empty packet for all applications and all packets protocols, or

- break packet callbacks returning 0 for EOF.

Since empty packets are legitimate, and even used in a few multimedia
protocols, while callbacks returning 0 are using an undocumented and
illogical feature, there was little doubt about which one to break.


  Nicolas George
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