[FFmpeg-devel] [GSoC] FFserver further development direction

Stephan Holljes klaxa1337 at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 27 02:44:49 EEST 2018

Thank you all for taking the time to reply!

While I may have seemed inactive, I have read each and every reply
multiple times to make sure I understood the points made correctly.
It has really been food for thought and exactly what I hoped for, so
thanks again!

I think it would be best to be independent of the http implementation
that is used in the end, like Michael also suggested. I've started to
define an API that libraries will need to use to make use of the
ffserver code, I think this will still take a while. For the time
being it will still be the lavf API (because it is already used as of
now), but it should be trivial to add more libraries. This kinda bears
in mind users that want a "mature" http implementation and those that
do not particularly care and want "any" http implementation.

I also proposed this on IRC, but was quickly discouraged, because of
the complexity of #ifdefs, "hacks" and hidden incompatibilities.

If this turns out to be too hard or too complex I will decide then
(before the coding period starts) how to proceed.

Once again, thank you all!

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