[FFmpeg-devel] fail to build ffmpeg with icc 14

qw applemax82 at 163.com
Fri Feb 2 15:50:00 EET 2018


I use the following command to build ffmpeg:

./configure --cc=/opt/intel/bin/icc --enable-version3 --enable-asm --enable-avfilter --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree --prefix=/usr/local/ --extra-cflags='-I/usr/local/include --extra-ldflags='-L/usr/local/lib --enable-stripping

But I fail to compile ffmpeg, and error message is shown as below:

icc: command line warning #10121: overriding '-std=gnu99' with '-std=c99'
libavutil/cpu.c(48): error: identifier "ATOMIC_VAR_INIT" is undefined
  static atomic_int cpu_flags = ATOMIC_VAR_INIT(-1);

libavutil/cpu.c(48): error: function call is not allowed in a constant expression
  static atomic_int cpu_flags = ATOMIC_VAR_INIT(-1);

compilation aborted for libavutil/cpu.c (code 2)
make: *** [libavutil/cpu.o] Error 2
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
In file included from /opt/intel/include/xmmintrin.h(24),
                 from /opt/intel/include/emmintrin.h(39),
                 from /opt/intel/include/pmmintrin.h(21),
                 from /opt/intel/include/tmmintrin.h(14),
                 from /opt/intel/include/smmintrin.h(23),
                 from /opt/intel/include/nmmintrin.h(24),
                 from /opt/intel/include/wmmintrin.h(23),
                 from /opt/intel/include/immintrin.h(14),
                 from libavutil/x86/intmath.h(30),
                 from libavutil/intmath.h(33),
                 from libavutil/common.h(106),
                 from libavutil/display.h(25),
                 from libavutil/display.c(25):
/opt/intel/include/mmintrin.h(162): warning #2959: function prototype is missing the argument types
  extern __m64 __ICL_INTRINCC _mm_setzero_si64();




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