[FFmpeg-devel] tinterlace license

Vasile Toncu vasile.toncu at tremend.com
Mon Feb 5 15:06:07 EET 2018

>> I'm looking forward to modify *tinterlace* filter from GPL to LGPL.
> I was under the impression you had already written a new filter
> licensed under LGPL: What happened to it?

Yes, I wrote one, reinterlace. It implements tinterlace functionality as 
it was on version n3.0.2, without ASM opts.

First, I was thinking to update it, to meet the current tinterlace 
version. But, it can save a lot of work if the copyright holder would 
agree to change the license.

 From previous emails, I found that this has been done in the past with 
other ffmpeg components.

Do you believe that this can be done with tinterlace?


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