[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/4] af_silencedetect : fix accuracy of silence_start

Gaullier Nicolas nicolas.gaullier at arkena.com
Mon Feb 5 16:20:46 EET 2018

>this breaks fate
>If the changes are intended the reference must be updated by the patch causing the changes

Sorry, forgot... Now, I have some questions regarding fate tests:

1) I would like to update the fate test itself :
Currently, we have : silencedetect=d=-20dB
I am considering changing it to : silencedetect=n=-30dB:d=.4
The reason is that the usage would be more relevant (dB applying to noise + duration set to a consistent value for this speech sample), easier to check manually in a waveform editor, and that the coverage would be extended for the new patches (silence_start=0 + log of silence_end at end of stream).
Should I first publish the patch with only the fate results changed and later on another patch to update the fate test with results changed again ?
Personally, I would say a single patch with all three items (patch + fate test update + fate result update) would be clearer, but I am not familiar with ffmpeg usages, so I prefer asking...

2) I just realized today that I could fix the accuracy of silence_end too, even if it is clearly much less important compared to silence_start
Do you think this should be handled by another patch, or should I better group this patch with this one as they both deal with time accuracy and affect fate results (I would rather go for the latter) ?

3) Should I prepare a new fate test to cover the new "mono" mode (patch 1/4) ?

Thank you!
Nicolas Gaullier

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