[FFmpeg-devel] avformat/utils : estimate_timings_from_pts - increase retrys

Gaullier Nicolas nicolas.gaullier at arkena.com
Mon Feb 5 19:52:25 EET 2018

The number of extra retries to get more than a single duration is currently limited to 1 (see commit 77a0df4b5).
This patch raises this number of retries to 4 (amongst the overall 6 max retries).
In my experience, the need for 2 extra retries is something commonplace.
3 extra retries is not far away and we have an exemple on ffmpeg.org :

I have encountered at least one time a file (SPTS) that requires 4 extra retries, this is why I propose to set this value.

Thank you for your review
Nicolas Gaullier
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