[FFmpeg-devel] tinterlace license

Vasile Toncu vasile.toncu at tremend.com
Thu Feb 8 12:33:23 EET 2018


> Then the best solution - imo! - is that you send a patch that adds your
> new filter that uses the existing asm optimizations if FFmpeg was
> configured for GPL.
> First send one patch only adding a new filter (with a new name) to
> get some technical review

I'll send a patch with my new filter, to have some review.

> One possible procedure for a change that can actually be committed
> is that you send two patches:
> One that removes the existing filter (but not the asm code) and one
> that adds your new filter.

If everything goes well, I'll go on with this step too.

At this moment, two people agreed to change the license of the 
tinterlace -  Thomas Mundt and Stefano Sabatini.
 From the git history I figured out that they wrote a quite big part of 
tinterlace. Other parts are written mainly by the maintainers of ffmpeg 

That being said, will it be possible to change the tinterlace to LGPL?

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