[FFmpeg-devel] Callable version of ffplay with callbacks for graphics overlay and video control

Kerry Imming kcimming at pobox.com
Tue Feb 27 04:04:54 EET 2018

Thank you for all the work you do on ffmpeg.  I'm impressed by how 
active this group is.

What I have isn't really a patch so I wanted to ask before submitting it 
as a "git-format-patch".  I extended ffplay to allow it to be called 
from a C program with callbacks to allow SDL graphics to be overlaid on 
the video.  I named the new routine ffplayer but I'm open to whatever 
name you prefer. Since it's origin is ffplay, keeping ffplay in the name 
seemed appropriate.  The video can be switched to a different video at 
any point and/or a new video can be started when the current video 

I think others could benefit from this version so I'd like you to 
consider including it as part of ffmpeg.

I don't know how to adapt configure for this new file, so I created a 
stand-alone Makefile-ffplayer.

The function is shown by the example program "ffplayer_example".   
Running this with a set of video files will open the first file and 
cycle through the videos.  Pressing "n" will skip to the next video.  A 
blue box is drawn on the video to demonstrate the graphics overlay.

I'm open to whatever suggestions you have to make this most usable.  
Comparing ffplayer.c to ffplay.c will show the changes.  An option to 
eliminate some code replication would be to make ffplay.c a simple 
main() routine that passes all of it's arguments to the new ffplayer.

Please let me know if there is interest in this extension and how I can 

- Kerry Imming
Rochester, MN

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