[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add CUDA function cuDeviceGetAttribute

Soft Works softworkz at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 2 07:08:32 EET 2018

Hi Phil,

thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

I've understood the differences regarding the parser.

> The hwaccels are officially called 'cuvid' and 'nvdec'. As a
> convenience, we alias 'cuda' to 'nvdec'. The confusion is that the HW
> pix_fmt and hwcontext are called 'cuda' because these are generic and
> used by both decoders (and the various cuda based filters).

By "officially", I guess you are referring to the suffixes of the
encoder names, like h264_cuvid and h264_nvdec.

When executing with -hwaccels - it returns:

Hardware acceleration methods:

All of these are hwcontext types except 'cuvid'. So, is cuvid an alias 
for 'cuda' then?

Just to get things 100% clear: In case of cuvid, the codec must be specified 
explicitly like this:

    ffpmeg -hwaccel cuvid -c:v h264_cuvid

While for nvdec one would use:

    ffpmeg -hwaccel cuda

and actually get h264_nvdec?

> Now, cuviddec has somewhat limited value. It allows you to take
> advantage of the nvidia deinterlacer, which does rate doubling. This
> can't be used in nvdec because an hwaccel can't change the frame rate.
> It may be more performant in certain situations. But apart from those
> two things, you should use nvdec. 

Also cuviddec has the -resize option which nvdec does not have, right?

> I've made an attempt to bridge the deinterlacing gap by writing a
> yadif_cuda deinterlacer as you've probably seen on the list, but I
> suspect cuviddec will stick around just because it might be a useful
> option for some people.

I've seen that and I'm looking forward to trying and using it.
Is there any cuda scaling filter planned? (as npp_scale is not an option)



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