[FFmpeg-devel] Cryo APC Files (How to convert WAV files to APC files) ?

Thomas Tgames Tgames at hotmail.fr
Tue Nov 20 23:09:25 EET 2018

Hi everyone !

I would like to convert a wav file of music into APC format (Atlantis The Lost Tales).
I’m working on a new version of the game.
I’m successfully able to convert all APC of the game to WAV. But i want to do the process backward for only one music here :


This music has been made to be included in the game . But never included and so never used.
I want to convert a WAV file to APC (so i can use it into the game).

If someone can help me to do that with ffmpeg or give me a C code do that.
It will helps me a lot !

Best Regards.

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