[FFmpeg-devel] Cryo APC Files (How to convert WAV files to APC files) ?

Tomas Härdin tjoppen at acc.umu.se
Wed Nov 21 15:09:24 EET 2018

ons 2018-11-21 klockan 11:19 +0000 skrev Thomas Tgames:
> Hi,
> It’s only for a fan project.
> We already almost finish the project but we want to include this
> music in the game.
> Like ffmpeg include the possibility to decode APC files, i ask if
> someone on ffmpeg development team can include the encoding to APC
> files into ffmpeg.

The code looks like it might not be too much work to adapt for APC, as
Michael says. There's already encoders for other IMA ADPCM variants in

Maybe someone (me) might get bored enough to take a closer look this


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