[FFmpeg-devel] [fixme] avformat/hlsenc.c miss pat&pmt info

lmzeng(曾令明) lmzeng at tencent.com
Mon Apr 1 07:02:08 EEST 2019

When I try use ffmpeg 4.1 concat some mp3 files like this:

>>ffconcat version 1.0
>>file http://1251953721.vod2.myqcloud.com/0ec02e46vodcq1251953721/8e15b6325285890787361152529/f0.mp3
>>file http://1251953721.vod2.myqcloud.com/0ec02e46vodcq1251953721/ee02b7825285890787362994665/f0.mp3
>>file http://1251953721.vod2.myqcloud.com/0ec02e46vodcq1251953721/726920765285890787364016855/f0.mp3

>>ffmpeg -safe 0 -protocol_whitelist "file,tcp,http,hls" -i mp3.txt -vn -map 0:a? -acodec copy -hls_list_size 0 -hls_ts_options mpegts_copyts=1  -hls_time 10 -hls_flags single_file -f hls 200006374_2256155.f3.m3u8

VlC player can’t seek, here miss add PAT&PMT at per segment(except the first segment)?

>>>if (use_temp_file) {
>>>    if (!(hls->flags & HLS_SINGLE_FILE) || (hls->max_seg_size <= 0))
>>>        if ((vs->avf->oformat->priv_class && vs->avf->priv_data) && hls->segment_type != SEGMENT_TYPE_FMP4)
>>>            av_opt_set(vs->avf->priv_data, "mpegts_flags", "resend_headers", 0);

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