[FFmpeg-devel] There may be a bug for .mp4 reader.

Yufei He yhe at matrox.com
Mon Apr 1 20:21:33 EEST 2019


There may be a bug for .mp4 reader.

On decoding some ntsc mp4 files with my h.264 codec, from actvx I received,

avctx->framerate.den is 100

avctx->framerate.num is 2997

avctx->pkt_timebase.num is 1
avctx->pkt_timebase.den is 2997

Duration of every packet I received from ff_decode_get_packet(avctx, &pkt) is 100, which means it's a encoded frame. But actually, it's a encoded field, it's duration should be 50.



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