[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavutil/hwcontext_opencl.c: fix bug in `opencl_get_plane_format`

Song, Ruiling ruiling.song at intel.com
Mon Apr 8 04:11:50 EEST 2019

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> > This is mostly fine, but it looks like nv21, ayuv64le, and p010le are all
> > having their order numbers changed to broken values.
> The changes to AYUV and NV21 both make sense - they can be supported
> because the layout works, but they require special treatment to use beyond just
> taking the given planes in the order common to other formats.  It doesn't seem
> unreasonable to drop them because of that?  I don't think any existing code
> actually supports them (e.g. trying to overlay AYUV on anything is going to mess
> up totally).
I think AYUV can be mapped the same as ARGB.
For NV21, as OpenCL does not support CL_GR. I am ok not supporting this format unless someone strongly require this with a reason.

> For P010, I guess that division needs to round up?  element_size = (comp->depth
> + 7) / 8.
> Thanks,
> - Mark
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