[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavfilter: Add derain filter init version--GSoC Qualification Task.

Pedro Arthur bygrandao at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 19:12:09 EEST 2019

Em ter, 9 de abr de 2019 às 22:42, <xwmeng at pku.edu.cn> escreveu:
> Yes, I use the espcn model for deraining as the initial version as it's a easier way to implement the filter, although the paper proposes it for super-resolution. And the model does have some effect on deraining project. While, it is just the first version. I will use more suitable and more powerful model for derain filter according to the latest models proposed in derain task, and I will upload the new model soon.

There is no problem in using the espcn infrastructure to start
learning, but I still can't see how using the espcn model fits your
The espcn model should output an image bigger than the input, why
would a derain filter do that?

Also you did not provide any data regarding the results you might have
obtained neither the model file and appropriate input/reference so we
can test it.
What are the results you get so far (psnr before/after applying the filter)?

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