[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec: add drop_changed_frames

Gyan ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Mon Apr 15 09:16:38 EEST 2019

On 15-04-2019 12:17 AM, James Almer wrote:
> On 4/14/2019 3:29 PM, Hendrik Leppkes wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 6:50 PM Gyan <ffmpeg at gyani.pro> wrote:
>>> Implemented this patch
>>> http://www.ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2019-March/241733.html
>>>    in libavcodec as suggested by Michael
>> This sure adds a lot of additional fields to the main struct for a
>> rather specialized feature, that I personally rather see in the hands
>> of the user of avcodec, not avcodec itself.
>> In any case, can't we do this without any new public fields at all?
>> Put the initial_* state fields into an internal struct (ie.
>> AVCodecInternal), and expose enabling this through
>> AVCodecContext->flags or flags2?
>> That would make me feel much less dirty looking at this patch, personally.
> +1
> There has been work to turn public AVCodecContext fields into internal
> codec options recently as they were too specialized. This commit adds
> half a dozen of such fields in one go, so it just feels wrong.

Since, for this proposed use, the initial frame information has to be 
recorded, I thought to make them public, so any avcodec user could check 
them for other purposes. Right now, their population is contingent on 
the changed option being set, but that can be taken care of. But no firm 
preference here.

I have a soft preference to keep the first field distinct in avctx, as 
I've seen CLI users to be sloppy both with option placement and setting 
multiple flags correctly for both the same or different target streams.


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