[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] mxfdec: Constrain run-in to 64k

Tomas Härdin tjoppen at acc.umu.se
Tue Apr 16 01:03:48 EEST 2019

mån 2019-04-15 klockan 23:03 +0200 skrev Marton Balint:
> On Mon, 15 Apr 2019, Tomas Härdin wrote:
> > This isn't likely to be a huge problem, but it allows us to reason more
> > about run-in. It also exposes my gripe about klv_read_packet() using
> > mxf_read_sync()
> I would allow 65536 bytes as well for run-in, even if that is against the 
> standard. The MXF book for example says this:
> run-in - a sequence of up to 65536 bytes at the front of the file that 
> preceeds the first partition pack.

So I see. Hm.. We could report that to the publisher as an error in the
book. But I doubt they'd do a reprint for such a minor error.

> So I guess there is a chance of seeing files with 65536 byte run-in in the 
> wild, and those files used to work...

This is potentially true, and would cause unnecessary annoyance. But
staying close to the spec is also of interest. Hm...


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