[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/3] avfilter: add audio upsample filter

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Apr 21 13:00:10 EEST 2019

I apperciate the efforts to reply more than half a line.

Paul B Mahol (12019-04-21):
> It is not kind of resampling. Resampling is specific and belongs to
> separate library.

There is no doubt it IS a kind of resampling: it is in the name. The
question is whether is it specific enough to warrant a separate

> The oversampling is another thing, and doing only upsampling/downsampling
> via libswresample is fragile/incomplete, as you need some kind of lowpass.
> (be it IIR, FIR or simple FFT) after upsample and before downsample.

There are various way of doing a resampling with various properties.
This is just another one.

> That is why it best fit into lavfi because it is just one block of
> processing with multiple solutions.

Making it a separate filter is the easy solution, but not the good one.
It is reporting all the choices to later or the end user. That makes for
easy quick code now, but terrible use later.

> Also how that could be exported? It does not belong there.

Options. We already have them, just add a few. And in that case, it
becomes accessible for all filters.


  Nicolas George
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