[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat/mpegtsenc: enforce PCR packets without payload

Andreas Håkon andreas.hakon at protonmail.com
Thu Apr 25 17:49:16 EEST 2019

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On Thursday, 25 de April de 2019 16:23, Ali KIZIL <alikizil at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andreas Håkon andreas.hakon at protonmail.com, 25 Nis 2019 Per, 12:07
> tarihinde şunu yazdı:
> > Hi,
> > A patch for a new optional parameter for the mpegtsenc muxer.
> > Regards.
> > A.H.
> > ---_______________________________________________
> Is this patch related with "[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat: forced PCR
> pid in mpegts muxer" patchwork ?

No. They're complementary, but totally different patches/objectives!

> Is the purpose of the patch to avoid null stuffing in forced pcr pid ?

No. The purpose is to avoid having PCR marks in packets with payload.

> I can not figure out the usage. A texi can be useful.
> Normally, if PCR in on Video PID, why should I prefer to avoid video
> payload ?

When you move the PCR marks to empty packets then you can transform the
Transport Stream without touching the PES packets at all. Imagine a TS
processor that duplicates or process the PCR packets for other purposes.
As these packets doesn't have any payload the stream processor is free
to do it whatever it needs. This is just one example. This option can
be useful in various scenarios. In my research the target are several
multi-resolution streams for mobile devices.

In any case I have to say that this patch is completely transparent
and only adds optional functionality.



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