[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libavformat/mpegtsenc: enforce PCR packets without payload

Andreas Håkon andreas.hakon at protonmail.com
Thu Apr 25 19:27:24 EEST 2019

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On Thursday, 25 de April de 2019 17:36, Ali KIZIL <alikizil at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andreas Håkon andreas.hakon at protonmail.com, 25 Nis 2019 Per, 17:49
> tarihinde şunu yazdı:
> I got the point. Yet, sorry for being curious, would can affect TR101 290
> analyze results and/or null stuffing on CBR mpegts out?
> I can do these tests if needed, by tomorrow.

Don't worry! I'm glad to discuss it.

And no, it doesn't violate the rules of the standards in any way.
So pass all the analyzers. And it never generates null stuffing (pid 8191).

It even correctly agrees with the restriction of not increasing the CC
counter when no payload is found in the TS packet.

So please check it with as many analyzers as you can.
I'm sure it'll pass them.



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