[FFmpeg-devel] WHIP - Webrtc Http Ingest Protocol

Sergio Garcia Murillo sergio.garcia.murillo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 13:31:42 EEST 2020

Hi all!

WebRTC can be an intimidating monster, and we all are aware of that. 
Also, the fact that every webrtc media server/service has their own 
custom protocol has not helped to increase its adoption in the streaming 
world, with still relies heavily on other protocols like RTMP, SRTP or 
even RTSP for ingesting content.

In order to try to broaden the adoption of WebRTC in the streaming 
world, and make it available in OSS tools like ffmpeg, gstreamer and 
OBS, we have created the Webrtc Http ingest protocol (WHIP), so the same 
implementation works across several (hopefully most) webrtc services and 
media servers.

The first draft is available here:


The latest editorial draft is in this gitup repo:


The feedback from the webrtc community has been very positive so far, as 
this has been a recurring burden for years, so the adoption on that side 
is very likely to happen. I have already implemented it on my media 
server (https://github.com/medooze/media-server-node) and we will 
disclose more information about how to test and interoperate with our 
implementation during next week.

Myself and other webrtc devs are willing to collaborate in the 
implementing this into ffmpeg, as it would be huge for the webrtc comunity

I would love to hear the feedback from you, the ffmpeg devs, to the 
draft so we can improve it and make it easier to implement it in ffmpeg. 
What do you think?

Best regards


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