[FFmpeg-user] Can I use FFmpeg.exe command line in my proprietary software

Prashant Rathi prashant at b-one.net
Sun Aug 7 15:44:29 CEST 2011

Thanks for your prompt reply.


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as long as you only call a binary application via cli it does not matter
under what license the called cli-app is because you do not touch it, no
matter if it is GPL, LGPL, Commerical.....

the other thing is copying the binary-app and this is a totally different
topic, sure you can bundle a binary ffmpeg but you should provide the source
code from which it was compiled and not only link to the homepage because in
the last years the command lines often changed and the sources a year later
me be useless for your tool

Am 07.08.2011 15:18, schrieb Prashant Rathi:
> Thanks Reindl,
> Since I am new to this. To take the safer side I wanted to be more 
> specific about my implementation.
> I am using FFMpeg.exe command line tool programmatically and running 
> FFMpeg.exe commands programmatically.
> For this I need to distribute FFMpeg.exe command line tool with my 
> proprietary software.
> I hope this will not cause any Legal issue..
> Please reply..
> Thanks
> Prashant

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