[FFmpeg-user] Can I use FFmpeg.exe command line in my proprietary software

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Mon Aug 8 16:42:30 CEST 2011

>  AOL along with thousands of others have sold  devices
> with GPL code embedded.

I don't have AOL's legal team.

> There is nothing to negotiate.

So you say.

No offence intended but this is exactly why it's important to have a point  
of contact. Whatever "the ffmpeg project" is, it's a sort of amorphous  
blob of people who claim to be involved in development, with no real  
definition of who's in charge, who can speak with authority, who can say  
"yes do that, that's OK" and have that actually be binding. Right now,  
anyone could say anything and someone else could countermand it a week  

Sure, I could go ask on gnu-violations.org, but who are they other than  
yet another third party with no legal relationship to the informal group  
of software engineers who appear, notionally, to be in charge.

You see why this is a problem.


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