[FFmpeg-user] Can I use FFmpeg.exe command line in my proprietary software

Mathieu Goutfreind mathieu_g1 at gmx.fr
Mon Aug 8 17:43:25 CEST 2011

Le 08/08/2011 16:42, Phil Rhodes a écrit :
>>  AOL along with thousands of others have sold  devices
>> with GPL code embedded.
> I don't have AOL's legal team.
>> There is nothing to negotiate.
> So you say.
> No offence intended but this is exactly why it's important to have a
> point of contact. Whatever "the ffmpeg project" is, it's a sort of
> amorphous blob of people who claim to be involved in development, with
> no real definition of who's in charge, who can speak with authority,
> who can say "yes do that, that's OK" and have that actually be
> binding. Right now, anyone could say anything and someone else could
> countermand it a week later.
> Sure, I could go ask on gnu-violations.org, but who are they other
> than yet another third party with no legal relationship to the
> informal group of software engineers who appear, notionally, to be in
> charge.
> You see why this is a problem.
> P
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A licence like GPL2 is a list of rights (and rules) given by the
author(s) to the users, so you don't need to ask someone how to do
things with FFMpeg just read the licence, in addition there are several
case with the GPL licence it'll be easy to do a research and find what
you want.

See you soon
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