[FFmpeg-user] converting Quicktime files with multiple audio tracks.

Glau Stuff glau.stuff at ridiculousprods.com
Tue Aug 16 19:39:23 CEST 2011

Hi, occasionally I get a file that has multiple audio sound tracks in it.
(not to be confused with channels).

It might be a quicktime file with two separate stereo tracks. (Track 1
L/R; Track 2 L/R) or a file with two mono aac tracks.

Some Skype phone recorders in particular seem to generate files that are
one distinct mono track for each end of the conversation instead of one
stereo track split L/R

Let's assume I have the following:

Quicktime MOV file with

* Track 1 - Mono
* Track 2 - Mono.

How do I export this to mp3 such that both tracks are represented on the
MP3 file. Either Track 1 to Left Chanel, Track 2 to Right channel; or
Track 1 & 2 merged into a mono MP3 file

I suspect it has to do with the -map feature, but a concrete example would
help a lot.


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