[FFmpeg-user] Converting for YouTube

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at decebal.nl
Sun Aug 21 00:18:15 CEST 2011

Op zaterdag 20 aug 2011 23:59 CEST schreef Reindl Harald:

> Am 20.08.2011 23:54, schrieb Cecil Westerhof:
>> Op woensdag 17 aug 2011 20:42 CEST schreef bouke at editb.nl:
>>>> I want to convert my video's for YouTube. At the moment I am using:
>>>> ffmpeg -i input.MOV -ar 22050 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 32k -r 25 -vcodec
>>>> flv -s vga -qscale 2.5 output.flv
>>>> This seems to work, but still gives quit big files. 35 MB for 1:48.
>>>> Input file is 89 MB.
>>>> So I was wondering: is there a better way?
>>> For youtube one normally only preprocess.
>>> De-interlace, crop and set correct aspect ratio.
>>> Youtube will always recompress, so introducing compression artefacts is a
>>> big no-no.
>>> IOW, upload the biggest file your bandwith allows.
>> I understood that when you preprocess you do not have the risk that
>> YouTube converts wrongly.
>> Today I made a 3½ minute video. This was 169 MB big and took almost an
>> hour to upload. The converted (24 MB) took 8 minutes. So I think I'll
>> keep converting. It looked okay, but if someone has better parameters
> where are you living that 169 MB upload takes an hour? :-)
> 10 MBit up are priced with < 100,- per month abd valueable if needed

The Netherlands, but with ADSL your download is fast, but your upload

> on the other hand - who interests that hour ONCE for upload
> while quality is degraded for thousands of users if you crap the
> input file before the upload?

I do not see a difference between the full upload and the converted one.

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