[FFmpeg-user] Reduce audio noise

mikkel meinike mimeini at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 23:18:41 CEST 2011

Ok I have just done it so I'll go through the steps I just did it meself.
You must have audacity installed to do this.

I isolate the sound
ffmpeg -sameq -i shoe12.mpg sound12.wav

In audacity
I open audacity and drag the audio file into Audacity. I listen and
find a place on the sound file where there is wind noise. I mark this
So I go in
Effects -> Noise removal
Then comes a dialogue and here I press button
"Get Nois profile"
Then I go back to the track and now I mark the entire track. Now again i do.
Effects -> Noise removal

dialog appears again but this time simply press ok at the bottom of
the box. Then it remove the noise.

Now you need to save.
File -> Export

save (export) as wav

Back to ffmpeg

Now I take the sound of the original video

ffmpeg -i ude.mpg -an -vcodec copy udeuden.mpg

And now I put the new noise reducing sound in instad

ffmpeg -i udeuden.mpg -vcodec copy -i soundreduce.wav new_out.mpg

In this case, I was really pleased with the outcome

That was it. Hope you can follow me, otherwise ask.

The video I used this for, I just put on youtube it lies here. Be
aware that only a small fraction of the total video is noise is
reduced. Only that which takes place outside.

good luck :-)

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