[FFmpeg-user] Audio compression optimization

Sevana Oy sales at sevana.fi
Sat Aug 27 18:50:54 CEST 2011


We would like to share an article on audio encoding optimization for podcasting. No need to think what bit rate to choose the batch file will automatically encode your source audio with the best bit rate to preserve the best quality and smallest file size. The approach was tested on MP3, Nero AAC and OGG.

This paper will give you understanding on how one can achieve better compression ratio by bit rate optimization. The key point is that our approach describes a fully automated manner of choosing the bit rate that will preserve the audio quality you define. Read this paper through and find out how to save on size when encoding your podcasts, save on bandwidth when transmitting your audio streams in the network, make more audio tracks fit your memory stick when grabbed from a CD, or store more audio books on your mobile device. This paper will tell you how to save up to 50% on audio file size and up to 50% on the bit rate you encode your audio with still having a descent sound quality.

Read full text of how to encode audio with lowest bit rate at highest quality in this blog post: http://blog.sevana.fi/optimize-bitrate-and-size-preserving-high-audio-quality-in-tracks-podcasts-tunes-with-aqua-wideband/

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