[FFmpeg-user] Error with DNxHD 36 MXF files

Tim Nicholson tim.nicholson at bbc.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 17:23:50 CEST 2011

On 30/08/11 16:04, Greg Bartnick wrote:
> Hello List,
> Does anyone know why this error is occurring when running ffprobe or ffmpeg
> on a DNxHD 36 MXF file?
> [mxf @ 02a108c0] error, essence data could not be found
> Here are a couple of example files
> http://kcintrab.com/examples/21228257V01.4E5282E6.9364A0.mxf - 259 MB
> http://kcintrab.com/examples/reel_1ab_grd27.88919.mxf - 719 MB

Before I waste bandwidth downloading these, I notice that one of them 
has "...V01..." embedded in the filename suggesting it is a video only 
file (Avid media??). Could it therefore be that the file is an op atom 
mxf which ffmpeg does not support?

> Does something need to be added to be able to support these files?  I'd be
> willing to do some coding, but need some direction as to what needs to be
> done.

Answering the above may go some way to answering this...

> thanks much,
> Greg


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