[FFmpeg-user] Reidrecting showinfo output

Andy Sheen sheen.andy at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 2 10:17:36 CET 2011

Tim Nicholson wrote on Fri 02 Dec at 8:40 UK time
> I find the showinfo output useful for various diagnostic tasks, but
> would find it more so if I could redirect its output to file.
> I have tried the following:-
> ffmpeg -i infile -vf showinfo -f mp4 -an -c:v copy -y /dev/null 2> info.txt
> with variations on 1>, 2> &> | tee etc
> However I either get nothing or just the usual ffmpeg header info, and
> when nothing goes to file I get no console output either.
> Is there a way of achieving this?

The generic way of redirecting everything is:

ffmpeg command > info.txt 2>&1

i.e. redirect stdout and then map stderr to stdout with the 2>&1


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