[FFmpeg-user] Decode problem with mpeg-1 audio in MXF

肖波 13760746839 at 163.com
Thu Dec 8 10:37:39 CET 2011

Recently I'm do some test on ffmpeg decoding,and I think I may found a bug in the latest windows version(it didn't exist in quite old versions).

My test file is in MXF(op-1a) format,with video in mpeg-2 and audio in mpeg-1.

After avcodec_find_decoder(), I found my first audio stream's codec-id is CODEC_ID_MPEG2VIDEO,and when call avcodec_open(), it failed!

When decode with ffplay,it resulted errors:"[mpeg2video @ 03259E20] codec type or id mismatches"

I tested the file with an old version ffmpeg (published at year 2007),it doesn't have this problem.

I have uploaded the sample file to the following position,anybody interested please download it








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