[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Sun Dec 11 00:27:03 CET 2011

> because everybody out there is able to activate EVERY
> audio/video-codec existing in this world except you

Me and the guy who started this thread, two and counting!

> but i guess not everybody is stupid except you becaus ethe
> others are not too lazy to read documentations, 

What documentation? I have one file called "ffmpeg.exe". That's all I have. Oddly enough, it is capable of encoding MP3 audio, so perhaps the best thing for our correspondent to do is to use Windows or a mac and grab a binary from somewhere.

You know, a "binary". That's finished, complete, ready-to-use software. Not a pile of text files that's many hours of configuration and one comp sci degree away from working.

> the output of ./configure --help

What's a "./configure"? Where do I get one? What's it for? How do I use it?

> devel-packages 

What's a "devel-package"?

Learning points from this:

- Not everyone is a software engineer
- Not every software engineer is an expert on linux development environments
- Not every software engineer who's an expert on linux development environments is an expert on the development environment required to compile ffmpeg.

Please stop assuming everyone should be a programmer.


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