[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Da Rock ffmpeg-user at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Tue Dec 13 02:09:52 CET 2011

On 12/13/11 03:32, Phil Rhodes wrote:
>> Secondly, you keep complaining about *nix; why?
> Phil: Hello. This piece of opensource software is causing $PROBLEM 
> under Windows 7, any suggestions?
> Nerd: Use linux and compile latest svn.
> Phil: Well, linux isn't for everyone. Now, abut $PROBLEM...
> Nerd: Linux does everything and is really easy to use and helps cute 
> animals.
> Phil: Everything? Wow. Is there an equivalent to $SOFTWARE?
> Nerd: Er... linux isn't for everyone... and ur teh suck.
> That's why. I make no apology if my response is robust.
>> I like freedom myself in some circumstances and in others I am willing
>> to pay the money to just have it work.
> Pretty much describes my attitude, too.
>> Again, because they are so many different environments that ffmpeg 
>> couldbe installed too, especially when it comes to *nix, that I'm not 
>> sure atthis point what needs to be done exactly to improve it, yet.
> Couldn't agree more. The only way to fix these configure-and-build 
> issues is to make all linux distros so similar that there would be 
> very little point in having all these different ones. The core problem 
> is one of a complete lack of consistency and standardisation, and I 
> view this as more or less unsolvable in the realm of linux and free 
> software.
>> I would however, expect the folks that write
>> ffmpeg to be able to sort that one out and improve the documentation.
> And on that day, the devil will be ice-skating to work.
>> Lastly, as far as this list and how they seem to expect people to be
>> somewhat near their level of understanding about all things ffmpeg, I've
>> complained about this as well.
> I think it's more utter, undisguised contempt for anyone who isn't an 
> expert software engineer. A lot of disciplines suffer this sort of 
> snobbery, but I think the open source community has made arrogance 
> into an absolute science and it is really terrifying to behold the 
> degree of brass-necked snobbery of which these people are capable. The 
> fact that it is neither possible or desirable for every person on the 
> face of the planet to be a linux expert apparently doesn't occur.
I have to offer my advice for one last time. You obviously have trouble 
with linux (as have I, albeit for different reasons but the same cause), 
so please give FreeBSD a shot. It is predictable, it will mostly compile 
as advertised every time- just use ports. The hardworking volunteers are 
software engineers and have done the hard yards for you, all you have to 
do is open a terminal, cd into the required directory and make install. 
Dependencies are sorted already, it offers you options in an easier to 
understand fashion, and it installs in a predictable directory every time.

The list is carefully maintained to ensure very helpful volunteers can 
clear up issues as quickly as possible, while teaching you patiently on 
what is happening and how and what you need to do.

I post this as I don't like people getting the wrong impression here, 
not all open source is as thorny as some list goers give the impression. 
FreeBSD is for commercial system administrators, and quite frankly they 
don't have the time to mess about with all the software engineering- 
they leave that for others more qualified- so everything is setup to be 
as easy to maintain as possible. This means new users are better 
equipped there.

I used to think linux was a great training ground for new *nix users, 
but I think things have gotten a whole lot worse since then. And BSD has 
really gotten better support for the usually suspects in applications- 
such as flash and so forth.

Anything involving computer software other than windows will take you 
behind the scenes and involve the black screen, but it is not that 
scary, and help is not all that obtuse as described here. That said, 
this list is generally populated with those a bit more experienced than 
the way you have portrayed yourself. For a trial, send a query (your 
original one maybe) about ffmpeg to freebsd-questions at freebsd.org. You 
don't even have to be subscribed (gives you an idea of openness of 
discussion there), although you will have trouble following if you 
aren't- follow through the archives in this case or one of the online 
readers like gmane. I can almost guarantee you won't get a response like 
you've had in the past. If you don't understand, say so.

For the others who think I'm trolling or whatever: I'm not, I'm merely 
trying to rescue the reputation of and the attitude toward FOSS. Not all 
projects are the same and they all have their place, but windows users 
are fleeing to the FOSS community looking for better than what they're 
being offered, and more will in the years to come- the trend has already 
started. If you don't want to handle these with kid gloves- let some 
other system do it. The apps won't die because of it, they'll just be 
used more somewhere else. There's enough niches for everyone :)

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