[FFmpeg-user] frei0r installed but where is frei0r plugin ?

spider58 spider58 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 13:26:09 CET 2011


Im using ffmpeg.exe on windows.

i want to to use frei0r plugin with ffmpeg.

I seeing --enable-frei0r option when i use ffmpeg -filters command.

But i've go an error message after use this command

*ffmpeg -i d:\myvid.mp4 -vf "frei0r=glow:0.5" -f flv d:\mynewvid.flv*

ERROR is this

*No such filter: 'frei0r'
Error opening filters!*

I'm following your site always for new ffmpeg compiles but all compiles
have same problem.

Can someone tell me how can i fix this problem. I need this plugin. This is
very important for me.

Im tried to recompile ffmpeg but got "fei0r.h header not found" error.   I
don't know how can i install frei0r on windows.

Thanks inadvance....

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