[FFmpeg-user] container for yuv

Donald McLachlan Donald.McLachlan at crc.ca
Tue Dec 20 15:29:27 CET 2011

Hi All,

I'm not a video guy so please bear with me if I get some terminology not 
quite right.

I was asked to convert a 4K video to YUV. So I used:

     ffmpeg -i inputFile.mp4 -f rawvideo outputFile.yuv

Because the output file is raw video without a container, players like 
mplayer cannot play this file without being given the frame size etc. on 
the command line.

I was pointed to YUV4MPEG2 
I looked at the output of ffmpeg -codecs, but I did not see anything 
that looks like this, nor did I see anything that (to me) says it can 
put YUV into a container.

Is there a way one can use ffmpeg to convert a video into YUV format and 
put it into a container?


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