[FFmpeg-user] How to make AVI files from LG RH7500 recording which will play on it?

Mark Vos mccmvos at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 20 18:35:08 CET 2011

hi list members,

I have subscribed to this list because I have spent the last few days desperately trying to convert a VOB file (made by my harddisk/DVD recorder (LG RH7500 ) into an AVI, which can also be played by the same harddisk/DVD recorder (LG RH7500).

So I just want to make AVI files from my own recordings. Afraid this device is quite choosy with AVI files.
However it does seem to play most of the AVI's I find on the internet, but I have BIG trouble making one myself which will play on the LG RH7500.

I did succeed to make AVI test files with ffmpeg which play fine on my other DVD player (Provision), but I would still like the files to be compatible with the recorder aswell, before I start converting en masse.

But back to the LG RH7500 recorder: with ffmpeg I succeeded in making a test file of 5 minutes playing time. At first I thought I'd done it. But after a few secs it just quits playing and I get returned into the file menu.

I would be very gratefull if some expert could provide a clue, or even better a command line I could try for ffmpeg (Windows build).


All info concerning AVI files from the LG RH7500 recorder manual as follows:

About DivX movie files
DivX disc compatibility with this recorder is
limited as follows:
 Available resolution size of the DivX file is under
720x576 (W x H) pixel.
 The file name of the DivX subtitle is limited to
 The total number of files and folders on the disc
should be less than 1999.
 If the number of the screen frame is over 29.97
frames per second, this unit may not operate
 If the video and audio structure of recorded file
is not interleaved, returns to the menu screen.
 If the file is recorded with GMC, the unit
supports only 1-point of the record level.
* GMC?
GMC is the acronym for Global Motion
Compensation. It is an encoding tool specified in
MPEG4 standard. Some MPEG4 encoders, like
DivX or Xvid, have this option.
There are different levels of GMC encoding, usually
called 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point GMC.
Playable DivX file
".avi", ".divx"
Playable DivX subtitle
".smi", ".srt",
".sub (Micro DVD format only)",
".txt (Micro DVD format only)"
 Divx subtitle except those listed above is not
displayed on the TV screen.
Playable Codec format
"DIV3", "MP43", "DIVX", "XVID", "DX50"
Playable Audio format
"AC3", "PCM", "MP2", "MP3", "WMA"
 Sampling frequency: within 8 - 48 kHz (MP3), within
32 - 48kHz (WMA)
 Bit rate: within 8 - 320kbps (MP3),
32 - 192kbps (WMA)

Thanks for any working solution!

|\  /|
| \/ |@rk

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