[FFmpeg-user] A good place to ask a question about recording with multiple cameras?

Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 17:46:09 CEST 2011

I've been a subscriber here for awhile, but not an active reader lately.

I have a subject I'd like to ask about--if this is not a good list to 
ask the question, maybe you can point me to a better list or suggest 
some keywords to use in a google search.

I want to do something to record local presentations / meetings with 
multiple cameras and microphones during the presentation, then "edit" 
that down by choosing the feed from the various cameras into one final 

For example, I might have (unmanned) cameras aimed at the presenter, the 
projection screen where he might present visual aids, and maybe one or 
more locations in the audience where someone could stand and ask a 
question into a microphone.  (Another microphone would be in front of 
the presenter.)

I'd like all of those streams (video and audio) to go into one computer 
for recording (as separate streams), and, ideally, have that same 
computer let me edit those streams into one output stream, by selecting 
different camera views and audio feeds at different times (sort of like 
I imagine the director of a TV show selects different feeds at 
different times).

Ideally, I'd like an easy means to go back if I flub a selection.

As far as the final resolution, something like the quality of NTSC or 
PAL video would be adequate.  I don't that I'd want to aim for anything 
higher, at least for the present, both because of the extra bandwidth / 
storage and because of the potential cost of cameras.

I envision acquiring some typical VHS or digital camcorders with direct 
video and audio outputs at things like yardsales as my initial cameras.

I'd like means to keep all the feeds in sync--maybe by doing something 
like having all the cameras on, and then click on something to start 
recording the feed from all cameras and microphones at once.  (I guess 
there are sort of sync signals or frame counts available somehow that 
might help with that.)

I'm looking for a really low budget operation--Linux based free or open 
source software, garage sale cameras, microphones, and lights, etc.

Comments?  Suggestions on software, or better lists to ask on?

Randy Kramer

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