[FFmpeg-user] Use of "-color_range"

Mark Himsley mark at mdsh.com
Mon Jul 4 23:01:34 CEST 2011

On 04/07/2011 15:44, Tim Nicholson wrote:
> I am struggling to find any documentation on the use of this and
> searching the source was not very revealing, to my eye at least.
> Apart from the fact that it expects an <int> I am none the wiser.
> I since it is a DEV function I was hoping I could use it to force ffmpeg
> to handle source material of a non standard range.

Hi Tim,

The source says:

0 == unspecified
1 == "MPEG" range
2 == "JPEG" range

Therefore, I'd expect 1 to be "broadcast" 16-235, and 2 to be "full" 
0-255. I haven't tested this, just grepped through the source.

My flip camera records 0-255 videos but flags the h.264 as 16-235 (or, 
perhaps I could word that better as the camera omits to flag the h.264 
as using the 0-255 range). It would be really nice if this option in 
ffmpeg could allow correct that - an even better if ffmpeg could then 
scale my 0-255 media to 16-235 for direct import into "broadcast" 

(from home)

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