[FFmpeg-user] unrecognized option -vf and bad colors

matteo marchesi matteo.marchesi71 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 10:14:48 CEST 2011

    I'm new with FFMPEG, it seems to be a powerful tool but it requires a
bit of study.

I'm using FFMPEG to join pictures into a movie.
I need to crop the pictures and to add some fadein/out effects.
Both the two (crop and fadein/out) seems to be feasible with "-vf" option.

Let's say that I use this command:

ffmpeg –i '%05d.jpg' –vf “fade=in:0:30” –r 25 –s hd720 –vcodec mpeg4 –qscale
1 –y video.mp4
 but I get "FFMPEG: unrecognized '-vf' option" error message.

If I omit the “fade=in:0:30” I get a "missing parameter" error.

I do not unerstant: is -vf accepted by my FFMPEG but the effect I want to
use is not in my libavfilter?
I'm using livabfilter 0.4.

Second question.
With the above command (but without the -vf) I get the video with "strange"
colors on some frames, it seems that the yellow is "not aligned" with the
other colors.
This happens only on some frames, but there is no difference between the
frames if I open them with and image viewer.
Any hint?


matteo marchesi,
matteo.marchesi71 at gmail.com

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