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cmjury at gmail.com cmjury at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 17:54:03 CEST 2011

 Hello I tried one of your tricks splitting my "zi6 quicktime mov" hd
videos, i have 250 clips of around 10 or 15 seconds each, from lot of
places, locationes around the globe and want to combine them in a single big
I can merge them very good with "mkvmerge".
The problem is that the first frames of all videos in the collection
(splitted with ffmpeg), are gray or with artifacts at beggining, I do not
know how to explain, maybe wrong ffmpeg commands, I'm doing this (whit batch
command line, which is great / fast for me):

=======begin of batch file
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:00:17 -t 00:00:24 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3a.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:04:40 -t 00:00:20 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3b.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:05:35 -t 00:01:00 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3c.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:07:11 -t 00:00:10 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3d.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:07:45 -t 00:00:21 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3e.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:08:47 -t 00:00:05 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3f.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:09:18 -t 00:00:10 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3g.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:09:35 -t 00:00:09 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3h.mov
ffmpeg -i jockey_club_fpv.mov -ss 00:10:07 -t 00:00:16 -g 1 -sameq -vcodec
copy -vf fade=in:0:30 partes3i.mov
mkvmerge -o join4.mov partes3a.mov + partes3b.mov + partes3c.mov +
partes3d.mov + partes3e.mov + partes3f.mov + partes3g.mov + partes3h.mov +
=======end of batch file

Thanks a lot for any answer!!

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