[FFmpeg-user] Compatibility between ffmpeg 0.4.9 and 0.6.1

Natasha Westland westland at ll.mit.edu
Tue Jul 12 22:27:26 CEST 2011


In a nutshell, my question is: can video which is encoded using ffmpeg 
0.4.9-pre1 (built and installed from source) be decoded by an 
application using ffmpeg 0.6.1 (installed from an rpm)?  (ffmpeg 
0.4.9-pre1 includes: avcodec, avutil, avfomat all versions 0.4.9-pre1;  
ffmpeg 0.6.1 includes: avcodec v52.72.2, avformat v52.64.2, avutil 
v50.15.1, swscale v0.11.0).

More details follow:
I am having problems decoding the first frame only (decode_chunks) for 
the streaming video (all subsequent frames seem to decode properly). In 
the first frame, mpeg_decode_postinit() fails (mpeg.c:1269) because my 
width and height in the MpegEncContext is 0. Since this did not happen 
prior to the upgrade and I am having mysterious X crashes in my 
application (RenderBadImage), I am curious as to whether the ffmpegs 
don't play nicely together.  I noticed that the enumerated types 
PIXEL_FORMAT and OutputFormat have changed between releases and I 
wouldn't imagine them to be backwards compatible based on the insertions 
of new types, BUT other than problems decoding the first frame and the 
random crashing of my application, I wonder if perhaps there is some 
flag/code I need to set in order for the cross version encoding/decoding 
to work.

The encoding is taking place in a 32 bit Fedora Core 3 box running 
ffmpeg -0.4.9-pre1 and the decoding is taking place on a 64 bit RHEL 5.6 
using ffmpeg 0.6.1.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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