[FFmpeg-user] mp4 settings

HallMarc Websites marc at hallmarcwebsites.com
Fri Jul 15 00:25:33 CEST 2011

Hello list, first time on this list.

I am writing a PHP script using ffmpeg to transcode uploaded video files to

the line currently looks like this:

ffmpeg -i INPUT_FILE -f mp4 -vcodec libx264 -r 25 -b 864k -acodec libfaac -s
480x320 -aspect 3:2 -qscale 1 -ac 2 -ar 44100 -ab 96k -async 1

These are the target settings I used with a Windows app called SUPERC:


1) Select output container = mp4

2) Select the output video codec = h/264/avc

3) Select the output audio codec = AAC LC

4) Video size = 480:320

5) Aspect = 3:2

6) Frame/Sec = 25

7) Bitrate kbps = 864

8) Options = Hi Quality, 48K Audio

9) Sample Freq = 44100

10) Channels = 2

11) Bitrate kbps = 96


Make sure it is set for streaming

When I use SUPER the file it outputs is playable on everything I have thrown
at it and I'm not getting the same result with my ffmpeg settings. What am I
doing wrong?


Marc Hall

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