[FFmpeg-user] Interlaced avi h264 to mp4

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Fri Jul 15 18:45:37 CEST 2011

> You'll find it on the eRightSoft website (that's a domain) but you should
> that they're 'persona non grata', because they ignore the licence terms.
> incorporate FFmpeg into their software, but what they provide is anything
> but open. You cannot disable the check for a new version, and they have a
> particularly annoying exit procedure requiring several clicks, and if you
try to
> bypass it by killing the process, it crashes your computer.
You can block it with your firewall if you feel you must and you can turn
off the credit screen in the settings window.
As far as licensing issues; Really not trying to start a heated discussion
about MPEG, MPEG LA, or any other licensing pool. Over the past three days I
have read arguments from both sides of this argument and the newer argument
over webm(PV8) and it just makes me feel like nobody knows how to act like
an adult anymore. Between the major IT corporations and our US congress;
And now back to our regularly scheduled program....
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> Andy
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