[FFmpeg-user] Building with openjpeg support

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Mon Jul 18 11:51:15 CEST 2011

Le decadi 30 messidor, an CCXIX, Tim Nicholson a écrit :
> I wondered that, but I noticed that libraries like lame and
> opencore-amrnb are similarly subfoldered so the "expected place"
> seems to be "/usr/include" and its subdirs. So Just what is the
> standard?

Each library author choses how its headers are installed, there is no
universal standard. The choice would mostly depend on whether there is a
single header file or a whole bunch of them.

> Or maybe symlink the headers back to the "proper" place...

Doing things in the directories controlled by your package system is usually
a bad practice: if somehow in two years' time an upgrade brings you a
package with the header at its proper place, it will cause an error, and you
will have forgotten everything about that discussion.

Filing a bug to your distro, on the other hand, would possibly be a good

If your distro is common enough, you can also try to convince the maintainer
of libopenjpeg in ffmpeg to add a check for it.


  Nicolas George
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