[FFmpeg-user] Different timestamp on RTP

Wernam Wer wernam at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 14:15:26 CEST 2011

Hi all,
I'm using FFMPEG to enconding and send via RTP a livestream video, I use the last version of FFMPEG with this command:./ffmpeg -vcodec copy -i pipe -an -f rtp rtp:// -sameq -v 0 < /dev/null &But I'm having problem into the client to reproduce it, FFMPEG work fine, but when I scan the packets with Wireshark I see a big difference between the timestamp of the RTCP packets and RTP packets, the RTP packets have a bad timestamp, because if I calculate the time between two packets and then how should increase the timestamp it never give a good value (RTCP have a correct value).
I'm using ffmpeg into an ARM with Linux 2.4
To solve it I have change a this line into the code:libavformat/rtpenc.c393s->cur_timestamp = av_rescale_q(ff_ntp_time() - s->first_rtcp_ntp_time, (AVRational){1, 1000000},s1->streams[0]->time_base) + s->base_timestamp;
But I'm not sure why it's happening , any idea?
Thanks for the helpWernam


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